Terms & Conditions

Scope of Application

Gravel2go.com's scope of application is limited to the facilitation of securing a gravel delivery for you (the customer) to your destination of choice (within the service area listed on the order form), by PCFS Excavating and Construction / Patriot Trucking NorthWest, LLC. 

Privacy policy

Gravel2.com, any of it's delivery companies, or employees will not rent, sale, or give the information you submitted on a form, or during the use of this website to another company or person, for any reason, at any time.

Furthermore, the information that is submitted will only be used to contact you for the purpose of faclitating a gravel delivery by PCFS Excavating and Construction / Patriot Trucking NorthWest, LLC.

Once the transaction and delivery is complete and billed (or has been terminated for any reason), the information will be deleted within 30 days from the database that it was stored in. 

Limitation of liability

Gravel2go.com's liability is limited to the the sole purpose of faclilitating a delivery of gravel to the apporpriate destination provided by you (the customer) and nothing else.